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"I will teach you to breathe", it said.
"And I will teach you to hope", I replied.



Fare thee well through days of darkness.
Fare thee well in times untold.
Fare thee well with life's uncertainty,
and the sorrows you behold.

Walk ye true on your life's journey.
Walk ye true through pain and tears.
Walk ye true with your most chosen.
Quiet blessings for all your years.

Fare thee well when you're most lost.
Fare thee well when you're not home.
Fare thee well in all endeavors,
for you never walk alone.

Silent prayers your way are given.
Silent prayers for safe returns.
Silent prayers now are delivered,
that your worries aren't concerns.

May you dwell in days of concord.
May you live in harmony.
May you never know unhappiness
and your heart be always free.

Fare thee well,
my blessed child.
Fare thee well.
Fare thee well.
Fare Thee Well
This is my tribute to my Irish heritage. It's more of a blessing than a poem, but I think it keeps the spirit of the Irish muse in it's heart.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm a writer at heart. I have been ever since I picked up my first Asimov and Tolkien books. These days I pretty much specialize in poetry. I've written poetry on and off since High School and started to hone that skill more in college. I went away from it for many years, but now find I can't do without it. You will find a lot of my recent work deals with the themes of transition, change, and transformation. I see the makings of an anthology here!

I have also taken up photography as a hobby at the encouragement of a couple of friends. I have much to learn there, but I have a sharp mind connected to my eyes so perhaps I can find some interesting things to explore and record. I love dA for all the creativity it encourages and brings together.

According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test, I'm an INFJ. This is a personality test based on the works of Carl Jung. This means I'm: Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging. We are the most rare with only 1.5% of the population. We are almost always writers of some kind. The type descriptions refer only to the way we gather and process information.

I have a lot of online friends that I cherish and have met the loml here on dA! Life is good...…

Current Residence: Lansing, MI
Favourite genre of music: Rock and Roll, Blues
Favourite style of art: Poetic Muse, Impressionism
Shell of choice: Angelic Armour
Skin of choice: To Your Scattered Bodies Go
Favourite cartoon character: Jay and Silent Bob
Personal Quote: Release the Kraken!!

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I just honestly love poetry, especially yours.
Keep up the good work!
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{And a happy belated birthday, considering I wasn't here when it happened, and I'm just like..?}
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