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Retrograde Lullabye
A slow fall
back into the primordial ooze
happiness and sadness are equally elusive
The human condition does not allow one
without the other
After a time, we cannot but help
turn tragedy into comfort
and angst into homecoming
for nature does not decree this
only we, as we heed the call of the ooze
Restless are we who sense the slide of time
Thought cannot save us
Emotion betrays
We must embrace eternity in the briefest of moments
and ride scarecely coffined into the ooze
:iconquestingpoet:Questingpoet 5 4
The Rapture of the Black Swan
We only kill what we love
it's in our nature
Things, people all hold power over us
as we do over them
if we both but love.
The voice you cannot hear:
"Undeserving" it says!
So we sabatoge our lives
with self-created bomb blasts.
Teach a man to love others
he'll be happy for that day
Teach him to love himself
and he's happy for a lifetime.
We pour ourselves out
and into each other
Yet nothing so completely destroys
as does a piece of ourselves.
:iconquestingpoet:Questingpoet 4 6
Moves Like Love
She seems a little unfamiliar
in all the right ways.
Unrelenting, unloved
fallen, phased and dazed.
I haven't been here before
and that excites me.
But even better, we adore.
I say, she may...
We both desire more.
Lips stick, heart stuck,
Lives no longer ripped amok.
John sings and we listen:
Synergy, an amazing glisten.
Damned is not caring strong enough.
Dead is not longing love enough.
Words fail the most of us.
:iconquestingpoet:Questingpoet 3 5
You Find Them in the Corners
You find them in the Corners
Content with half attentions
Ambient voids seeking a soft moment
Like some dull treatment
Listen, if you dare
As they burn in their cages
Happily singing of zero
                       ~god help us they sing~
And their song is the waiting
And their song is the waiting
Create the illusion of a life
Summon death!
Kill what is, resurrect what never was
For in that folly lies the truth
                        ~but the days know better~
A lie for a lie: a bartered reality
Though it’s not seen in the least
Changes nothing
Our deaths are immortal
And our fates, immoral
Love, fame, escape is where we dwell
                         ~The drug we liv
:iconquestingpoet:Questingpoet 9 16
Carry Me to the Garden Door
My love's the song I've never sang
yet knew the words by heart
The dream I once held close at hand
but lacked the will to start
Her gaze held something new inside
yet touch inflamed the old
And ruined for all time I was
Of lovers yet untold
Carry me to the garden door
Carry me one last time
And I will wait here patiently
I will wait, oh love of mine
I'd tell you of my truest love
Caress her name for days
But gone, now she has wandered off
And words are far too gray
Words cannot unmake the sorrow
Nor bring her back to me
But tell a tale of love they can
Of what as one we all could be
A better man you'll never find
Whose wretched life was changed
When found upon that earthen path
His soul without his name
Carry me to the garden, love
Carry me old and grey
I will guide us fair that morn
And there we both shall stay
:iconquestingpoet:Questingpoet 13 21
Short hair really can't be beat.
It's close to the scalp.
Give me a pencil, and 10 days to live.
It's more honest than ink,
in how far I can go.
Showing what's left at a glance
and allowing re-do's in dirty pink.
Show me one successful businessman,
and I'll show you a hippie that's died.
Tied inside to compromise
that he knows are lies…
Fake smiles really are the best.
No one sees you coming.
And you never fail to impress
in your Kevlar coffin.
:iconquestingpoet:Questingpoet 12 13
American Zombie
The phantom zone circa now…
We passed on but failed to notice, the stench
should have been our first clue
gathering lies as it were.
In its time something special;
but all that's left is meat.
We had promise, we had potential.
Bona fide.
Now we feed on the corpse of our fathers
land and legacy.
And we won't survive.
Each of us on our own now and that's the disease.
Only a shot to the head can clear,
the malaise our mothers saw.
They knew but we wouldn't listen.
They felt our dying admissions.
No islands, only friends you hadn't met.
We left without regret.
We read our own press clippings now days
and like what we see.
Drink Kool-Aid by the gallon!
So begins the rot.
So begins the death.
"We can't fail!" …tattooed to our chest.
"None better!" is pierced into our most sacred wonders.
We voodoo and chose US over all else.
In choosing the one, we sacrifice the many.
And so we all become Walkers.
We are the dead, the unsung.
We are the bold,
:iconquestingpoet:Questingpoet 6 7
Inside of Out
Crane feathers
rustle outside the window
~as night falls
:iconquestingpoet:Questingpoet 8 2
Never once
did silence kill any man
:iconquestingpoet:Questingpoet 7 4
There is No Evil
In pale sand
the desert does not forget
~we who pass
:iconquestingpoet:Questingpoet 9 7
Temple of the Sky by Questingpoet Temple of the Sky :iconquestingpoet:Questingpoet 11 11 Darkness Falls by Questingpoet Darkness Falls :iconquestingpoet:Questingpoet 6 5 Crazy Train by Questingpoet Crazy Train :iconquestingpoet:Questingpoet 2 12 The Sound of Ruins by Questingpoet The Sound of Ruins :iconquestingpoet:Questingpoet 3 5 Standard View by Questingpoet Standard View :iconquestingpoet:Questingpoet 4 3 Light of the Fallen by Questingpoet Light of the Fallen :iconquestingpoet:Questingpoet 6 6
"I will teach you to breathe", it said.
"And I will teach you to hope", I replied.


a normal day
I suppose I should fade into my head again
Those twisted realms where the flowers bloom
In strange arrangements and parings
Any poet would scream at my mind
Why, I placed a Hibiscus near a Marigold
An offset match, I am told
But in those corners of my thoughts
Little creatures appear and play on the strings of my fear
Plucking the strands and dancing on my misery
I close my eyes and feel them in my eye socket
I blink them away and peer in the mirror
I see them dancing, and I smile ear to ear
I guess its not too much to ask
If I may pour another shot from the flask
And lay my head upon your lap
If I lean too far I can feel my pyramid of elephants collapse
They blame the ring leader for bad math
And I sneeze to make them all relax
Its crazy to think that I am insane
I always saw myself as quite lovely and tame
The nurse is jealous of my charm
So I took my fork and stuck it in her arm
And they tied me up in white
A bride into a pillowed room, I dreamed of sex that night
The way my body qu
:iconunkownauthortag:UnkownAuthorTag 3 5
Japanese Saying - Nou aru Taka wa... by KisaragiChiyo Japanese Saying - Nou aru Taka wa... :iconkisaragichiyo:KisaragiChiyo 1,140 174
The Path
I lay facedown on the path,
tears pooling in my cupped palms
breathing in bits of earth
and choking them out between sobs.
I had been walking towards the edge of infinity
when I asked why –
and this made me stop.
Stop my journey, stop my thoughts, stop my will.
Footsteps sounded behind me,
yet I hadn't the heart to wipe away
the tears streaming down my battered cheeks.
What was the use?
When I asked why, no one answered
for there was no one there who knew,
and I couldn't stand the fact
that I might have been walking
for no purpose.
The pat, pat of bare feet paused by my side.
I did not look up
when I felt a hand on my shoulder,
but the voice spoke all the same:
"You've stopped.
The path is here, spread out before you –
You still have turns to make, dreams to follow.
And you've stopped.
I shook my head slowly:
"That's what I asked.
I asked why, and I found no answer,
least of all from myself.
Now I don't know –
maybe I have nothing to know –
and how can I conti
:iconadagiobunny:Adagiobunny 6 18
Angel Girl
I wish not but make myself what I desire.
I am a wild, cacophonous mess of truth, honor and blistered hope. I have raised my sword against the tide of uncertainty.  Slashed at monsters who rise their heads above the chaos to bite at my body. I will defend myself against them
I have dawned my armor of beauty, a slick of eyeliner, the ritual painting of my lips will deviate the slash at my heart. I hoped, perhaps.
My beautiful wings rise me above my tyrannical foes. I have put my power in them, my escape and my drive. I dance through feather, sinew. My pride soars above me, wings spread and talons wide to catch the usurper.
Gleam. Glitter. I glance away.
My anthem rests, my dance paused, leg extended behind me my arms reaching forward. Skin touches and I am yanked from the stage by the wires about my waist. Into the darkness of those around me. First taste of that.
The ache that I had put behind me surfaces
and heals…
for a time
In return, my taste tears away my wings, my
:iconcaptivationrequired:CaptivationRequired 4 5
The Beauty of the End
Be still my heart
go gentle into the goodnight
stirred by the dying wind
of winter.
I woke from a dream
and my breath caught
as two moons now
hovered in the sky.
A memory of your eyes
from far away in another life
and I knew at that moment
I stood at the helm of the
end of the world.
It was beautiful in its
strange unyielding way
which crushed my breath
And the stars began to fall
from the sky, time slowed
and I was overawed as they
appeared like jellyfish floating
through eternity.
Do you remember
standing on the edge
of everything watching
the buildings begin to crumble?
We danced through
hailstorms and meteor showers,
and the world eclipses itself
there were no regrets
in saying goodbye.
:iconsilverwynd:SilverWynd 15 12
Star And Blossom by underworldriver Star And Blossom :iconunderworldriver:underworldriver 17 8
Lips met in clumsy haiku,
against each other, pressed,
the way the earth touches the sky,
soft and whimsy as the dusk.
Tongues painted passion-
          sunset colors,
          halcyon atmosphere, infused,
-upon every awaiting space offered.
Metaphors dotted the hallows of limbs and tasted like the seasons-
          a bursting and vibrant spring,
          a hot and passionate summer,
          an adventurous and teasing autumn,
          a cozy and comfortable winter,
-all at once.
Skin smelled like Frangipani, an offering-
          blossoming with intensity as the sun draped itself in twilight's shawl,
-and felt like a brick wall crumbl
:iconbeyondjen:BeyondJen 280 277
Summer Evening by IvanAndreevich Summer Evening :iconivanandreevich:IvanAndreevich 1,336 63 Shiiiiiny by becomingavampire Shiiiiiny :iconbecomingavampire:becomingavampire 5 19 San Francisco, Feeding by alierturk San Francisco, Feeding :iconalierturk:alierturk 4,189 288
Butterfly Parts
         Can your life become a chronic disease
            in effort to diagnose all of me?
       The one, the many, the mistakes align
                   the illnesses that your doctor assigns
                    The ropes that burn- the sun intact
        like forests on fire, destruction compact
                  Your fears adhere like icy rain
                   explosions corroded your frozen disdain.
:iconelegantfaith:ElegantFaith 15 8
Reunion by IvanAndreevich Reunion :iconivanandreevich:IvanAndreevich 6,757 456 Presence by IvanAndreevich Presence :iconivanandreevich:IvanAndreevich 1,175 44 Countdown by yuumei Countdown :iconyuumei:yuumei 80,978 7,557 $ makes the world go round by Matthias-Haker $ makes the world go round :iconmatthias-haker:Matthias-Haker 76 27 Fishy Lloyd's by Matthias-Haker Fishy Lloyd's :iconmatthias-haker:Matthias-Haker 2,622 360



Questingpoet's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm a writer at heart. I have been ever since I picked up my first Asimov and Tolkien books. These days I pretty much specialize in poetry. I've written poetry on and off since High School and started to hone that skill more in college. I went away from it for many years, but now find I can't do without it. You will find a lot of my recent work deals with the themes of transition, change, and transformation. I see the makings of an anthology here!

I have also taken up photography as a hobby at the encouragement of a couple of friends. I have much to learn there, but I have a sharp mind connected to my eyes so perhaps I can find some interesting things to explore and record. I love dA for all the creativity it encourages and brings together.

According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test, I'm an INFJ. This is a personality test based on the works of Carl Jung. This means I'm: Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging. We are the most rare with only 1.5% of the population. We are almost always writers of some kind. The type descriptions refer only to the way we gather and process information.

I have a lot of online friends that I cherish and have met the loml here on dA! Life is good...…

Current Residence: Lansing, MI
Favourite genre of music: Rock and Roll, Blues
Favourite style of art: Poetic Muse, Impressionism
Shell of choice: Angelic Armour
Skin of choice: To Your Scattered Bodies Go
Favourite cartoon character: Jay and Silent Bob
Personal Quote: Release the Kraken!!

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